Because you probably have unanswered questions, or have some time to spare.

Bcause I love working on a variety of projects that make clients happy, and love the freedom I have to work with who and what I care about.

No, I can’t spare the time and honestly, I think it devalues the profession as a whole. Thank you for understanding!

No, but I’ve worked with loads of printers, so I can hook you up with the necessary contacts if you’re also looking for a printing service.

Anything that is harmful, unlawful, adult, or questionnable.

That’s like asking how much a “house” costs. It depends on a number of variables like the nature of the job. Sometimes I will work with an hourly rate, and sometimes I will work with a flat rate. Contact me with your inquiry as detailed as you can, so I can work out what I can do for you.

You will receive your project in industry standard file formats. I can provide it in pretty much any format you will ever need.